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If you are looking for a high-content & personable speaker who can keep your audience engaged, then you have found your guy! Lawrence is an experienced entrepreneur who doesn’t just SPEAK about entrepreneurship, but LIVES entrepreneurship (He has built 3 successful companies still in existence). Lawrence speaks best to college audiences and young professionals who are seriously considering making entrepreneurship a career path. He also speaks passionately about the importance of building networks and how you can effectively use them to accelerate your career advancement.

Selected Speaking Topics

Frame Your Future: Tips to Effectively Focus on the Future and Not Dwell in the Past
Connected or Not Connected, That is the Question: Proven Relationship Building Skills that All College Students Need to Know
Entrepreneurship 2.0: Learn How to Rise from a Broke College Student to $10,000 per month in profits.  
Building a Company in the Clouds: How the Web App Revolution Has Made it Dead Simple to Build a Highly Profitable Business