In Depth Book Study & Review Program from LawrenceWatkins.com

by Lawrence Watkins on May 02 nd, 2018 |View Comments

One of the questions that I get asked most often is “Lawrence, what are you currently reading?” I created a post a while back of my 25 most influential books of all time. However, with that post, I could not go very in depth about what I liked and learned from each book. Also, reading something without some sort of action attached to it will add very little value to your life.

For the reasons above ...

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10 Apps to Keep Your Business Organized: First Mention in Mashable!

by Lawrence Watkins on Apr 18 th, 2018 |View Comments

Here is a recent article from Mashable that talks about 10 apps that young entrepreneurs are using to keep their business organized. I recommended ToutApp, which I use all of the time for automated emails. Check out the full article at the link below.

No matter what industry you’re in, so much of any business depends on networking. But keeping track of b ...

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4 Steps to Ease Your Way into Entrepreneurship

by Lawrence Watkins on Apr 09 th, 2018 |View Comments

Lawrence Watkins photoHere is my first article on entrepreneurship for US News & World Report. It is about things that you can do now to make your future entrepreneurial journey less stressful and more meaningful. Check it out:

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The Zero Capital Business

by Lawrence Watkins on Apr 07 th, 2018 |View Comments

I ran across this interesting video on Storify that talks about how innovation is becoming a scarce resource and how capital is becoming more abundant. Doug Richard talks about how he has had to change his investment strategy so that he doesn’t become extinct as a venture capitalist. One quote that stood out to me by Doug was “How do you want to measure the value of innovation? All you have to do is destroy an ...

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The Lures of Pay-Per-Click Marketing – Portfolio.com

by Lawrence Watkins on Apr 03 rd, 2018 |View Comments

I started my first company, Great Black Speakers Bureau, seven months after graduating from college as an electrical engineering major. Against my parents’ wishes, I turned down two corporate job offers to move to Syracuse, New York to help my older brother grow his professional speaking career. After some time, I found myself riding high on a euphoric streak of increased sales month over month. Since I had all of this extra money simply sitting in my bank account, I decided to make a h ...

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